Barons Gate

Since ancient times, evil triumphs! In the sky there is a village, they live very harmonious, because the devil trace greed destroyed, displaced warriors so hard to learn martial arts, today found a Castlevania entrance to the dungeon alone, and when he went to the big devil's lair, he found .... Castlevania has a heavy guard, in silently in one by one break them now! In the game, hit to kill different monsters will be different equipment, you can also go to stores to purchase equipment, when obtaining the key, open the chest would probably unexpected equipment oh different points guarding the lost equipment will be different create a new little warrior!


Date: 2013-09-07

577 Users Played


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Keys AD / left right arrow move around, W / up arrow jump, S / down arrow door (requires a key), the left mouse button Archery / pick up items, QE switching equipment, space to pause / start, R replay.

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